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The Netherlands
Bob van der Lee
  • Founder & CEO, Total Skills Network (The Netherlands)
  • Given lectures in Antwerp, Stockholm, Seoul and Prague
  • Jury member for the Korean Design Awards
  • Lecturer in Antwerp, Stockholm, Seoul and Prague

Bob van der Lee started education in architecture but found his true destiny in Communications study in Nyenrode Business University. Worked throughout Europe as a Business Development Director for Y&R Europe on Interactive design & e-marketing. For 8 years he was Managing Partner & CEO of Total Skills Network (Netherlands) – TOP10 international branding agencies. Bob is now focusing on positioning strategy & multi-channel marketing management for on- and offline worldwide.

Russia and Eastern Europe
Elena Yufereva
  • Founder & CEO, Total Skills Network, Brandson Branding Agency, (Russia and Eastern Europe)
  • member of the Board of the Association of Branding Companies of Russia (ABCR),
  • lecturer at the Higher School of Branding on the course brand management.

After graduating from St. Petersburg State University, Journalism, Elena received an education in Amsterdam Inholland University, Bachelor degree in Marketing.

Elena's competence covers a wide range of industries: from finance to CSR and HR branding. She is regularly published in the business press, takes a participant in the jury and as a speaker in various industry events.

Jorg van den Hoven
  • Founder & CEO, Total Skills Network, Orange Branding (China)
  • Serial Brand and Design Entrepreneur
  • BSc Industrial Design Engineering
  • Msc Product Innovation management
  • Lecturer in Shanghai

CEO & Creative Director of Orange Branding, Mr. Jorg van den Hoven has over 20 years of experience in business, government diplomacy, innovation strategy and brand design, as well as exceptional sense in entrepreneurship. He hold partnerships and equity in project from: F&B-Franchise, Fine Leather, M2M Technology, Real Estate, R&D, Lighting, E-Commerce. With his over 12 years experience living and working in China Jorg has an excellent network and unique perspective on brand strategy and innovation in China & Asia.

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TSN is a full service branding agency. We help different established companies and new companies to create, localize, revitalise their brand or build their new brand from zero to one.If you are already grown up company, TSN can help you with Brand Activation and rising your market share through our analytics and branding solutions.

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Market Research
Market volume in terms of money and shares, development dynamics.
Market structure - number of players, type of perception and different features.
Consumer Research
Consumption structure: motives, drivers and barriers The consumer journey and significant factors of choice at all stages Psychographic segmentation.
Business Diagnose
Analysis of company’s resources, identification of gaps between the current situation and desired result. Internal expert vision.
Key Market Insights
Market trends and tendencies from micro to macro level. Key factors influencing this segment.
Competitors Research
Functional analysis: market share, growth dynamics, factors. Brand analysis: recognition, communications, positioning

Market Strategy, Brand Strategy, Positioning and Brand Identity Systems

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If you are already grown up company, TSN can help you with Brand Activation and rising your market share through our analytics and branding solutions.

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