5th Dimension Brand Implementation

Brand Identity

Complex branding involves the creation of a brand "turnkey" based on the researched positioning. We create brands that are based on a solid strategic foundation and stand out from the competition (The complex branding includes; Verbal concept development; Visual concept development; Logo book)

Implementation Brand Positioning with your employees / HR-branding

Creation or modification of a company brand as an employer. Successful HR-brand motivates employees, improves the quality of candidates, and allows to increase the efficiency of work, and directly affects the profitability of the company.

The main components of our work: — Positioning and EVP HR Brand Development
— Development of verbal-visual elements for communication with staff and applicants
— Introduction of corporate values of the company
— Communications strategy for recruitment and retention

Retail Design & Renovation interior and offices

The development of the interiors of the sales points is a painstaking work that requires detail. Thus, it is necessary to consider all aspects of the consumer way, to choose the optimal visual context in which there will be a visitor, and to preserve and multiply the connection with the corporate brand with the help of the interior.

We carry out retail branding in 4 stages: — Sketching development
— Design and concept book development
— Author’s supervision

Interior design is the development of office and other spaces filled with corporate meanings, transmitting visitors’ information about the essence, nature, and values of the brand.

Interior design takes place in five stages: — Planning solutions and seating arrangements
— Sketching development
— Design and working documentation
— Author’s supervision

Packaging design

In a highly competitive environment, packaging is a key factor in b2c decision-making and one of the most underestimated factors of b2b-marketing loyalty formation.
We develop competitive packaging based on understanding the consumer value of the product, motivation, behavior and preferences of the target audience, functional and emotional advantages of the brand, so that the consumer wants to buy your product.

Packaging design consists of several stages: — Analysis or revision of the brand platform
— Creative packaging concepts
— Adaptation. We refine the design, dilute the packaging to lines and individual SKU, select materials, adapt to the product
— Logo book. We formulate rules for the use of design in packaging

Brand & Advertising platforms

Advertising campaign - the most effective tool to convey to the consumer the direct benefits of cooperation with the brand. At the same time, advertising must speak to the client in the same language and respond to all strategic initiatives of the brand, in order to consolidate knowledge of the brand in target audience and increase sales.

The development consists of five stages immersion into the project: — Creative design concept development
— Verbal concept development
— Visual concept Engineering
— Concept implementation

Digital solutions

We work as a large, diversified team of specialists with experience in digital marketing, big data analytics, digital solutions development.

Website design & Development: — Web-site development
— Website Analytics and Conversion Reporting, Client Journey Mapping (CJM) to Increase Site/Mobile Application Conversion
— Digital Footprints - Customize Response to Incomplete Requests of Digital Platform Clients in CRM System

Digital marketing: — Digital marketing from strategy to implementation
— Digital Gameplay - attracting customers with Digital Marketing tools based on deep analysis of external and internal data and gameplay

AI: — NBO (Next Best Offer) – prediction of customer behavior and determination of the most likely next purchase with loading in CRM/SAP system
— Analyzing and segmenting the client base using ML solutions

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