Market Strategy
& Branding

Research is a base for an effective strategy, well-defined strategy is very important for a successful brand. Our purpose is not only to suggest a reasonable solution but also to become a reason of the future internal changes, that will affect on the market positioning of the company.

platform development:

Brand platform according to research and competitive
environment. Positioning, brand language, mission, and

Emotional Level Description (ETP): Recommendations: the nature of the brand, the general idea and metaphor.

Functional Level Description (UTP): — Description of significant functional advantages.
— Recommendations on the selection of design directions.
— General recommendations on communication.

You will get:

Market Strategy, Brand Strategy, Innovation Mapping, Distribution model, Brand Personality, Brand Mission, Corporate Brand, Brand Identity Systems, Positioning and Design 3 versions, including: Brand Identity Design, Logo Design, Industrial Design, Packaging Design, Retail and Office Design, Brand Key Visuals and Brand Visual Briefings.

Innovation Mapping is

Approach for identifying an organization’s best market opportunities for “where to play” (innovation territories) and “how to win” (addressing the needs of each territory) as a way to guide an organization’s innovation and growth efforts.
This approach combines “traditional” data collection methods with a detailed coding and multistep analysis.
The result is innovation territories that are rich and nuanced and deeply rooted in reliable and verified consumer needs and behavior. Each territory reveals unique tensions and Desired User Experiences, which can used for the development of data-based innovation, rather than context-based, niche products.

How it works

Innovation Mapping supports transformative decision-making around the filling of your innovation pipeline.

Where to Play

Data is collected in the form of consumer-generated diaries and/or online discussion forums. Analysis is conducted on the data to identify unique areas of opportunity.Client projects typically generate 8 – 26 unique innovation territories.

How to Win

Process-wise, we select 2-3 innovation territories to focus on. For each of these “where to play” territories, a deeper dive analysis is conducted to identify and define the unique Consumer Need States and Desired User Experiences associated with that territory. For this, a full report, complete with an Innovation Action Plan, is designed and delivered.

Distribution model

As part of the development of marketing strategy and strategy of the company’s entry into the market (or putting a new product on the market), we determine the model of distribution of products and services of the company, or a new product. The model defines the channels of sales with emphasis and offer of new channels, the most relevant target audience and characteristics of the products and market and considering the conducted business diagnosis of the company. In our projects we use recommendations for creating a live digital space or a show room model, a partner sales network - the solution is always based on a deep study of the market and the client’s business.

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