Amstel: packaging of a brand that conquered the world by its taste


Amstel is a company with a long history linked to Amsterdam, but also known worldwide for its beer with more than 7 production sites in different countries. Heineken, the company that owns Amstel, was faced with the challenge of creating an identity for a new, reduced calorie product line.


The agency had to develop a new positioning and identity for the brand. In addition, the agency's specialists booked a preliminary audit to find the right way forward. During the audit several research such as market research on the reduced calorie beer product lines worldwide, consumer research including interviews with experts around the world, and competitors research, were conducted.


To develop the new identity concept, the key components for the new positioning (Contemporary, Vibrant, Vitality) were defined and the special tool VITO-o-METRE was developed. It helped to develop the new style, form, and emotional direction of the new product, which was translated into a unique brand package.

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