Carelica eco spa: the power of nature turns into the powerful brand


A new spa complex is planned to be located at the Hilton Hotel, combining a variety of care and relaxation procedures (20-metre swimming pool, fitness room, 4 unique baths, 10 spa treatment rooms).


Our team has conducted the full range of research and interviews, provided data analysis of competitors’ brands and their positioning and pricing policies along with key market insights. On this basis our team has developed a cost-effective brand concept and business strategy for the spa complex that reflects its characteristics and attracts guests to the HILTON Hotel and Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Centre.


Positioning and creative concept were developed, the project was implemented. As the result in 2019 Carelica eco spa won a prestigious award “World Luxury SPA Awards” in the Luxury Business Hotel Spa category (Europe) and became the winner of the “Perfect spa” international award in the Best hotel spa category in 2019.

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