World’s first empathic veterinary brand from Finland


Charlie Care is a collective of scientists from the College of Turku who’ve joined forces to develop the best means for the rehabilitation of dogs of all breeds. The scientists use modern technologies and materials to produce these products. The constant process of research and development allows for continuous improvement of the developed products. The agency’s team had to develop a flagship brand for a mid- to high-price product.


The company's product is a textile rehabilitation collar for dogs, designed to replace the traditional transparent plastic cone. «World’s first empathic veterinary goods from Finland» is a brand line that we have developed. It is confirmed not only by the product characteristics, but also by the personal founder's persuasions. Inspired by the harmony between man and nature, which is an inherent characteristic of the Finns, we created the graphic style and brand patterns that became the basis for the collar design and then formed the basis of the identity.


The "finish" of the product is not just about durability and comfort. It is also expressed in the recognizable Nordic design, which consists of a non-trivial "folklore" font, simplified lines, bright natural colors, and a stylized image of Charlie that helps demonstrate the line's design possibilities.

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