Development Bank of Kazakhstan: the new brand strategy that led to reduction in loan portfolio


 In the 10 years of its existence, DBK acquired a reputation as a cumbersome and secretive financial institution. Such an image was at odds with the bank's key strategic initiatives - developing Kazakhstan's economy, attracting foreign investors and financing major projects. On the eve of the anniversary, DBK's management decided to significantly change both the bank's internal and external policies to increase efficiency in achieving new goals.


The main task of the rebranding was to build the image of an innovator, opening new horizons for the development of the state.


Company proposed 2 strategies: the first of which was to fight the second-tier banks, and the second was to emphasize DBK's status as a first-tier state bank playing its own role in the development of the state economy. As a result, the second path was chosen, which was appropriate for all of DBK's new strategic initiatives. As a result, the loan portfolio was reduced to 1789 billion tg.

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