Rebranding that unites Norway's internet bank worldwide


One of the main values of the DNB is to create the best customer experiences. In this term the client wanted to give the DNB Bank a "human face" due to a friendlier tone of voice. Our team was engaged in development of communication strategy, communication materials and rebranding.


Our team decided to rebrand the bank – to preserve the continuity of the state bank and unite all the disparate branches in 19 countries. We needed to design the identity corresponding to the scale, geography, strategic development goals of the bank. The total skills network provided the DNB Bank the full range of services such as market research, consumer research, competitors’ research, key market insights and branding.


Rebranding concept was positively accepted and implemented. As for now DNB is Norway’s largest Internet bank, with more than 1.7 million users, of this approximately 76 000 corporate customers.

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