Emiral Resources


Emiral Resources is an international group of companies engaged in exploration, mining, consulting and engineering services for the mining, oil and gas industry worldwide. The company is headquartered in Dubai (UAE), with offices and representative offices in Moscow (Russia), Khartoum (Sudan), Nouakchott (Mauritania), and Accra (Ghana). The company turned to Total Skills Network to codify the values of the Emiral Resources brand and give it a semantic, verbal and visual representation.


The Total Skills team conducted a brand audit, created a corporate brand platform, verbal and visual attributes, as well as a website and a communication strategy to promote the international mining market, in particular in Africa, including PR and SMM strategies.


Work in the market of the Emirates is due to many local features, primarily political ones. The monarchical form of government dictates special conditions in the market, which large businesses must take into account. We conducted marketing research on the international mining market and specifically in African countries, created a visual brand identity, and also created a website and a communication strategy. We highlighted not only the advantages of the company: the speed of development, careful selection of fields and a clear calculation of all risks, but also multiple ongoing social initiatives to support the local population.

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