New Russian developer Fizika experiences the brand's power


Launch of a new brand of the St. Petersburg developer in the business and premium segments. An experienced team with a rich background in development, creating unique projects, each of which is an opening for its audience.


To develop a brand for a new property developer aimed at connoisseurs of a well thought-out, high-quality product and service at a Western European level. Total Skills team was tasked with conducting a brand audit, identifying the key competencies of the new brand, and developing a logo to match its unique values.


In the verbal attributes, Total team reflected the values of insight and progress. The descriptor "Legislator of Quality of Life" highlights the company's ability to anticipate and lead trends, and the tagline "Opening up the prospect" both explains the foresight of the investments for investors and conveys the company's mission to open up and restore the historic city center for St. Petersburg and its residents.​The visual concept is all about embodying the potential into reality. The minimalist, concise form allows you to convey the brand's focus on rational, thoughtful solutions that are free of flashiness and ornamentation.The project was also included in the "TOP 5 BEST ADVERTISING PROJECTS OF 2021 ACCORDING TO SOSTAV.RU".

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