Hochland: gifting the joyful moment


Hochland is one of the leading cheese producers in Europe. For the second year we have developed original calendars for the New Year gift set for Hochland's most important partners: Dealers and Distributors as well as all the company's employees.


During the collaboration with the company, a number of printed products were produced and models of cheeses were made. For instance, Total Skills was faced with the challenge of developing an original calendar for Hochland that became part of the New Year's gift set. The calendar functions as both a weekly planner and a generator of sage advice for each day. To receive advice, you need to unwind the arrow in the shape of a piece of melted cheese. The pictograms on which the archer remains contain advice in allegorical form. If the meaning of the advice seems unclear to you, you can refer to the list of transcripts for interpretation.


We have decided that every year of our lives is full of new discoveries and bright emotions, unforgettable impressions. They are so pleasant that the word «delicious» quite applies to them - delicious moments that you want to remember. Together with the calendar of the company «Hochland», thanks to special adhesive stickers, we can record past and upcoming joyful events in the calendar.

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