Chinese beauty brand conquers Dubai


The client is a modern high-tech company specializing in professional hairdressing products. Korojuna owns 29 individual brands and one APP. The company was going to set up an internationally designed brand of cosmetics that produces shampoos and other hair care products aiming for international market. TSN had to make a branding development from scratch to the entire brand system.


Total Skills team have conducted various research and interviews and developed the brand strategy, naming, identity, packaging design and marketing materials. The new range of bottles was ready for presentation on the Dubai Cosmetics Show. Our team analyzed the volume of the market in monetary and share terms, the dynamics of its development. We paid extra attention to the structure of the market – the number of players, the type of perception and various characteristics in order to more accurately demonstrate the benefits of the customer’s project.


The client has successfully launched the new Korojuna brand that includes 26 individual brands within four months at Beauty World Middle East in Dubai. As for now their products are available in online shops and platforms globally. The company has reached its target of placing new brands on various marketplaces, where it has already received the highest rating.

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