Motorola is an international telecommunications company. In 2010, Motorola divided its assets globally and created two new organizations: Motorola Mobility, a manufacturer of mobile phones, and Motorola Solutions, which focuses on telecommunications products and services.


Total Skills developed and implemented a design concept for 6,500 m2 of store space for Motorola Solutions in Russia. Values and motivational phrases for the new company found their place on the office walls in the form of a modern graphic design.


Using the existing photographic material and branding of the company, we developed and implemented the concept for the branding of the office space: reception areas, negotiation areas, offices of key employees, kitchen and hallways. In order to get the accents right, we not only carefully studied all the materials, but also conducted our own research, which allowed us to formulate the key values of the brand, and then bring them into the space with the help of advertising copy, the dissemination of corporate values and visual series that demonstrate the result of the work.

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