Nuclear technology company ROSATOM uses the advantages of HR-branding


Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom is one of the leaders in the global nuclear technology market, uniting over 360 companies and organizations across the country.


Our main task was to develop a unified communication system reflecting the specifics of individual processes of HR and the general idea of the RECORD system as part of the HR brand for human resources development. Thanks to the visualizations, each employee can see the requirements that must be met in order to reach a new level, and then choose for themselves the appropriate tools that will allow them to achieve their ambitions.


The most important verbal attribute of the system was the slogan «The right people at the right time». Other textual materials set clear rules and describe common algorithms aimed at promoting the continuous development of each employee according to his talents. Using schematics and visualizations, each employee can immediately see the requirements that need to be met to reach a new level and then, with a few simple moves, plan the next career step and choose the appropriate tools for themselves to achieve the goal. In order to form a unified set of communication materials, we had to develop a logo of the system «RECORD», reflecting the technocratic nature of the company, as well as signs for each of the processes included in the system. Posters of processes were chosen as the main carrier, which will be distributed in all companies in the sector in the future and which illustrate the multi-level character of the system «RECORD».

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