Happiness in the details: the jewelry shine in a new way


Venti is an independent Chinese jewelry retail brand – asked us to review their brand and recommend a new positioning and suggest a new identity for the retail format. The brand did not have a distinct tone, most likely because, through the years, the brand had been worked on by various teams and marketing companies.


Based on fieldwork, consumer research, market research, internal workshops and assessing the jewellery market in and outside China, we realized an idea – Venti as the first multi-brand jewellery retail format with its own private label lines.


We did a multi-brand retail concept, updated a visual identity. Also digital-marketing aspects, market activation, shopping and merchandising plan were redesigned. In the end, together with the Venti team, we transformed the ones dark and dusty image into a fresh, relevant new brand concept with a matching retail format to house the new brands.

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