5th Dimension Research
& Business Diagnose

Dimension 1
Market Research

Executive summary
of the market current and forecasts

Understanding of the market volume and
dynamics to assess the working prospects
on this market and identify the most
developing areas:

  • Market Size by Value
  • Market Share by Type of Market; by
    Value; by Region
  • Market Share by Distribution
    Channels; by Value
and Economy
  • Population Size
  • Average Monthly Expenditure
  • Average Monthly Salaries
  • Export &. Import
  • Forecasts

Determination of key competitors in the
certain category and related ones.

  • Market Share by Competitors; by
    Value; by Region
  • Major competitors on the rise

Dimension 2
Consumer Research

Voice of customer
on the market
  • Preferred Mode of
    Distribution Channel
  • Factors Influencing Purchase
  • Average Monthly Expenditure
    on market under study
Voice of your
customer Artificial Intelligence

Data based analysis to increase in the communication act effectiveness, to get less price for a new client, increase of the average check, attracting new target audience groups, at the expense of competitors as well.

  • Target audience
  • Behavioral profiles of buyers
  • Key clients
  • Preferred Mode of Distribution Channel
  • Factors Influencing Purchase Decision
  • Average Monthly Expenditure
  • Segmentation by basket completeness
  • Description of the critical basket completeness
  • Ratio of repeated clients, departing clients
  • Frequency and breadth of the shopping basket
  • Penchant for digital
prediction modeling Artificial Intelligence
  • Next Best Offer
  • Best Channel
  • Determining Price Sensitivity

Dimension 3
Competitors Research


Analysis of key competitors in the
certain category and related ones
for understanding the market
congestion degree, identification
of the main trends within
competitive landscape analysis.
Usually TOP 3–10 competitors.

Brand Competitive
  • Brand and emotional benefits of the key competitors
  • Function advantages and coverage
  • Fame and awareness competitors' index
Price and Range
strategies Artificial Intelligence
  • Assortment policy in terms of categories completeness
  • Assortment policy of product categories types
  • Pricing policies
  • Analysis of the most probable average bill for similar customer profiles
  • Allocation of competitors brands according to selected strategies

Dimension 4
Key Market Insights

When entering the market or occupying an increasing share of the market, a very important factor is understanding the market insights. Finding the right information takes a long time and requires professional knowledge and sometimes models of data processing. The final task - to give ready practical business recommendations, not only processed data or figures. Market insights include quantitative and qualitative studies of the audience, analysis of competitors' decisions, study of the impact of the price proposal on the audience, current consumption trends, processing of data of analytical resources.
Together with the company’s internal insights - data analytics - this provides a solid foundation for a winning strategy.

Market Trends & Insights

Physical and manual skills and basic cognitive skills are losing their position in efficiency of retail activity will not bring the company profit anymore. Instead, higher-level cognitive skills, social and emotional skills and technological skills are the keys to success in retail during the next decades.

cognitive skills
  • Creativity
  • Interpret performance dashboards
  • Create custom staff scheduling
Social and
Emotional skills
  • Leadership
  • Empathy
  • Serve Customers
  • Coach personnel
  • Programming
  • Consolidate customer info on a tablet
  • Complete e-learning trainings

Dimension 5
Business Diagnose

  • Product
  • Market Share
  • Pricing
  • Service
  • Business strategy
  • Corporate culture
Target audience
  • Consumption basis
  • Aspects of demand
Essence of
  • Emotional trade offer
  • Essence of brand
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