Van Gogh's signature smear as an element of a museum's visual communication


The Art Museum in Amsterdam, which holds the world 's largest collection of paintings and drawings by Vincent Van Gogh. Today, the museum is the most visited in the Netherlands, and is the 23rd most visited museum in the world. The task was to rebrand the museum in order to make it more attractive for visitors and to create the recognizable identity.


The branding included both the development of the identity, and all communications, and internal navigation that allowed visitors to navigate the exposition easily.


After diving into the artist's style, the team used Van Gogh's signature brushstroke as a key element and the basis of identity. This smear "speaks for itself", which is especially important given the museum's focus on tourists from different countries, of whom there were a total of 2.14 million from 110 countries in 2019. The agency used Van Gogh 's signature smear as a pattern, which later switched to elements of visual communication. According the annual report of the museum in 2019 the visitors satisfaction was higher than ever.

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